RAAF Installations

Fire Schoolraaf-and-tweed-head-027

Proclean Equipment can also design systems to suit any industry as is seen in these photos of decontamination systems that are being used by RAAF Amberley fire school. Proclean equipmnent Designed and built the decontamination showers, which break down in to four parts for easy storage and supplied all of the equipment including the Karcher Diesel powered hot water units that supply the hot water for the decontamination showersraaf-and-tweed-head-002

raaf-and-tweed-head-005  raaf-and-tweed-head-009  raaf-and-tweed-head-022


Working Dog Section

Proclean Equipment designed the system and supplied the equipment that is being used by the working dog section at Amberley RAAF base11092009050. Three of the pictured Karcher HD 9/16 ST H pressure cleaners coupled to Karcher HWE 860 electric boiler systems supply hot water at temperatures up to 80 degrees celcius within minutes. The machines are hooked up to Stainless steel piping that has many outlets throughout the building which makes for easy cleaning of the Kennels



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