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HDS 10/20-4 M Pressure Cleaner $POA

3 Phase 420V
Variable Flow rate 8.3 to 16.7 L/m
Variable Working pressure 435 to 2,900psi
Max output temperature 155o
Power consumption 7.8 kW
3 piston axial pump with ceramic pistons
1450 rpm slow speed 4-pole electric motor
10mtr Longlife dual braided high pressure hose
Anti-twist system
Rotatable 1050mm Spray lance
Servo Control
Power nozzle
Water cooled motor
Pressure cut-off
Electronic service control with LED display
Dual Cleaning agent tanks 20L & 10L
25L Diesel fuel tank
Weight 171Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1330x750x1060mm

Features and Benefits:
• New generation Eco Line of heavy duty machines combines innovative engineering with a maximum of user convenience, economy and a long service life, even under very demanding operating conditions

• New Eco setting so machine can work within the most economical temperature range - 60oC saves up to 20% of fuel costs and good for the environment

• At full pressure and flow, temperature at burner outlet is 80oC; at minimum pressure and flow the temperature at the burner outlet is 155oC

• On-board electronic service module for accurate service and maintenance and comprehensive machine diagnostics

• Water hardness control has four settings to protect the stainless steel burner coil from calcification

• High level of operator comfort, easy access to controls and easy to service and maintain

• External access to diesel tank, detergent tank and scale inhibitor without opening the machine cover

• Forklift compatible for easy transport or movement around large sites

• Lockable machine cover

• Storage compartment for nozzles, tools and other small parts for easy access, plus a storage compartment for water softener and operator items

• Economical boiler design with high-performance burner for excellent heat exchange, low emissions and low fuel consumption

• The boiler’s special design avoids dew point corrosion

• Three-piston axial pump with brass cylinder head and ceramic pistons for quieter operation and long service life.

• Oil lubricated swash plate, piston slippers and pistons

• Direct drive pump, burner fan and diesel fuel pump for reduced overall size and high efficiency and reliability, and eliminates need for drive belts or couplings

• Slow speed 4-pole, water-cooled, electric motor for high efficiency, reliability, durability and long service life – runs at only 1,450 rpm

• Low fuel, chemical & water softener indicators

• Easy-press (servo control) trigger gun with soft grip, allows pressure and flow control at the gun. AVS allows the hose to swivel at the gun

• Integrated flame monitoring for effective temperature control, economy and safety

• Three-phase motor direction monitoring to prevent incorrect rotation of motor / pump unit

• High pressure chemical injection if required

• Chemical system flushes when control set to “0”

• Fine mesh inlet water filter

• Low fuel cut-out

• Dry run cut out

• Soft damping system to minimize vibrations in the high-pressure system

• Integrated header tank to prevent backflow into potable water mains

• 3 year warranty on stainless steel heating coil

• Large wheels and castors make maneuvering easy and gives 4-point stability

• Auto start/stop

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