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Windsor Sensor XP 18 Vacuum $POA

The Windsor Sensor XP is the best commercial upright vacuum in the industry! Our popular upright vacuum has a proven reputation of reliability, performance and ease of maintenance. The Sensor XP is the only vacuum to offer superior upright vacuuming technology that protects itself from operator neglect. The Sensor is known as being the most reliable single-motor vacuum on the market and consistently receives high ratings and reviews from industry experts.

We also offer a HEPA filter for our customers seeking utmost air quality, when equipped the Sensor XP is a true HEPA upright commercial vacuum. The Sensor is the perfect vacuum for hotels, schools, hospitals and more! Anywhere you look you will see our trusty vacuums working long hard hours keeping the world clean by removing soils that would ruin your carpets and hard floors.


Sensor XP commercial vacuum is available in 12" (Sensor XP 12), 15" (Sensor XP 15), and 18" (Sensor XP 18) cleaning widths to handle any need productively

Windsor Sensor XP vacuum brush automatically adjusts for any carpet or hard surface

Larger 1200 watt/1.6 hp vacuum motor pulls even more dirt from the carpet

The Sensor XP vacuum has triple-lined filter bags with high efficiency filtration that traps 99% of contaminants down to 0.3 microns for improved indoor air quality

Provides effortless vacuuming with features like an ultra-light handle weight, quiet operation, and brush-assisted movement

The Sensor XP vacuum has electronic control system indicator warning lights for: vacuum bag full, clog, brush height, and brush jam. The motor will turn off to prevent damage if warnings are ignored

The vacuum's low profile, flat-to-floor hinge design makes it easy to clean under beds and furniture

Cleans both hard floors and carpets

Removable vacuum handle for quick electrical-cord service

Ultra-quiet operation at only 69 dBA great for daytime vacuuming

On-board tools and extension wand make Windsor Sensor XP vacuum the perfect detail cleaning machine

Unlike most vacuums that throw dust back into the air, the Sensor XP discharges only clean air

Vacuum brush removes with the touch of a button for quick and easy maintenance

Two-row chevron vacuum brush maintains constant speed of 5400 bristle contacts per minute (2700 rpm)

HEPA filter is available for the Sensor commercial vacuum

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